2019 Conference Topic and Speaker List

Preliminary Speaker List – (Additional Presentations Pending)

Keynote: Daniel G. Cole – Smithsonian Institute

  • How to Set Up PostGIS Databases for Use in QGIS and ArcGIS Pro – Justin D. Cole, GISP – University Of Wisconsin Madison GIS Professional Program
  • Dynamic Exploratory Analysis as a Planning Tool – Sheri Norton – Ontario County
  • Field Data Gathering to Reports – Replacing a Manual Process – Carol Goodman Zollweg – Bergmann Associates
  • Building Campus Apps: Integrating Web GIS Education and Campus Data Management – Christopher Badurek – SUNY Cortland
  • Administering and Automating ArcGIS Enterprise using Scripting – Vijay Sambandhan – Bergmann Associates
  • Survey123 Geoform – Technical Session on Creating a Geoform and the Workflow that Follows to Modify the Schema and Host the Data In-House – Maria Dolce – Bergmann Associates
  • Runoff Estimation Tools for Culverts and Catch Basins  – Benjamin Houston – GroundPoint Engineering
  •  DOS’ Gateway: Have You Played Today – Jeff Herter – NY Department of State, Office of Planning & Development
  • Modernizing Land Records with ArcGIS – Gerard Aiken – Esri
  • What’s new in ArcGIS 10.7, ArcGIS Pro 2.3, Apps, Solutions, and more. – Mark Scott – Esri