2022 Conference

We are happy to have the 2022 GISSIG in person this April 5, 2022, at the RIT Inn and Conference Center. The format will be a little different due to Covid where it will be a single track of speakers.

Keynote – Justin Madron – University of Richmond on Mapping Inequality


This talk will focus on the project “Mapping Inequality” which allows users to explore the 200 infamous redlining maps and approximately 7,000 area descriptions produced by the Home Owners’ Loan Corporation (HOLC), a New Deal agency, between 1935 and 1940. These color-coded maps graphically represented what the federal government considered the “security risk”—the relative risk to banks and lenders in providing mortgages—of neighborhoods in more than 200 American cities on a scale from A “Best” (green) to D “Hazardous” (red, thus the term redlining). This risk was defined in explicitly racial terms. The accompanying area descriptions record the “infiltration” of “undesirable” populations, specifically the “foreign-born” and “Negroes.” Not all redlined areas were neighborhoods of color, but all African American neighborhoods with singular exceptions were assigned D, red grades. Redlining had enormous long-term consequences, helping to channel private and public capital to white families through homeownership and effectively denying such access to African Americans and other Americans of color.

To date, Mapping Inequality has focused on the federal survey program which limited itself to cities with populations of at least 40,000. Some state HOLC offices adopted and adapted the techniques used in the national survey program to produce maps for smaller cities. We will explore what this means for the research and the conversation around redlining.  

Covid Policy

Because this is an RIT Property we will be following the RIT COVID Protocol. Currently this is all must wear masks indoors. Proof of Vaccine or Testing subject to RIT Policy for events serving food.

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There will be a Professional and Student Map contest this year with prizes. There will not be a Storymap or application contest prior to this year’s conference. If you are submitting a web application please have a printed version with a easy link or QR Code to allow for attendees to see your application.

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