Location Analytics with ArcGIS Online: Bringing GIS capabilities to the non-GIS crowd

GIS/SIG  December Program

Thursday  December 10, 2015 from 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM EST

Pittsford Library
24 State Street
Pittsford, NY 14534

$5 Payable at the door

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Location Analytics with ArcGIS Online: Bringing GIS capabilities to the non-GIS crowd
Presented by Peter Rothfuss – Founder and CEO of the Rothfuss Group, LLC

Business analytics has now become pervasive in most large public and private sector organizations worldwide. These analytic systems basically turn an organization’s data into actionable information by discovering and illustrating patterns, trends and relationships in tabular business data. Typical output is in the form of statistical reports that summarize tabular data, often displayed as graphs and charts.
Location Analytics (LA) extends these systems with thematic mapping and spatial analysis capabilities, making it easy to put data on a map and uncover trends and patterns that are invisible with tables, charts, and graphs alone. For example, Esri Maps for Office, a feature of ArcGIS Online for Organizations (AGOL), delivers complete location analytics functionality to Microsoft Office users, allowing business intelligence analysts, account managers, marketing professionals, operations supervisors, and other knowledge workers to get more out of their data without leaving the business systems they use every day.
GIS professionals are in a unique position to help these non-GIS users start to use location and geography to make better organizational decisions. This presentation will introduce the LA capabilities found in Esri Maps for Office and the AGOL platform and discuss ways that GIS professionals may support and grow this new community, as well as how to better integrate their existing enterprise GIS assets with LA tools to maximize the organizational benefits.